Meet Zac and Justin, TIB’s Life and Invest Specialists

Partners  Zac Dermick and Justin Evans are passionate independent financial advisers that have earned great respect from clients and businesses alike. From high net-worth businessmen, to starter-families, this impressive duo are committed to putting the wellbeing of their clients first.

Meet Zac

Zac is a dynamic leader who has been in the financial services industry for 9 years. He has a no-nonsense view on planning and wants clients to know exactly where they stand when it comes to their risk protections and their wealth creation. His areas of expertise include estate planning, investments, employee benefits, and business assurance. Zac was one of the founding members of Affinity Wealth Management.

Zac loves running and birding, and spending time with his family. He’s steadfast in his values of integrity and honesty.

Credentials / certifications: Advanced Certificate in Financial Planning, supported by a BA Degree (Psyc & Comm).

Meet Justin

Justin Evans has been practicing financial planning for 11 years, previously working at Compendium Insurance as the Division Head of Independent Advisory Business. Justin is well-versed holistic financial planner for individuals, families, and businesses. Justin is thoughtful and considered, and clients can rest easy knowing that he has everything under control.

Justin enjoys the outdoors; running, fishing, paddling and spending time with his newest fishing buddy addition; his baby boy.

Credentials / certifications: Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning

Just and Zac are supported by two wonder-women paraplanners and medical aid specialists in their business. This ensures that TIB Wealth delivers on incredible service, claims support, and planning.