TIB Helps Red Frogs

The Red Frog’s are an organisation whose mission it is to provide a positive peer presence in alcohol-fuelled environments where young people gather and to educate young people on safe partying behaviour.

Their role in making youth events and parties, like Rage, safer is huge, so when they needed help Tuttle Insurance was ready to step in! This is what Red Frog had to say about Tuttle Insurance Brokers…

“Picture it, a week out from the start of Rage and our yearly insurance sponsor said they can no longer assist us as that division is closing… panic ensues! No insurance = no cars! We were grasping at straws when Tuttle Insurance Brokers, who manage our RFSA liability, courageously put up their hand and saved us at the last minute! We are incredibly grateful and continuously blown away by the support for the Red Frogs.”