TIB Team

TIB now stands for Trust, Inspire, and Believe!

Previously named Tuttle Insurance Brokers, July saw the unveiling of our new and improved TIB branding, along with a whole new meaning to what we stand for.

The business was started by our patriarch, Dennis Tuttle, in 1968, and later joined by his children and Directors – Mark, Cara, and Mandy. Since inception, TIB has worked very hard to maintain a well-respected reputation in the insurance market and with clients.

Over the years, the Tuttle family, and partner brokers, have forged valuable relationships with our clientele and insurer provider partners.

Group structures

Previously a member of the TIG Holdings Group, TIB Durban and Johannesburg businesses are now held by TIB Capital, with Mark Tuttle as the primary shareholder.  

A New Name to Mark the New Era

Whilst the Tuttle family values and close-knit relationships remain paramount to who we are, the company has rebranded TIB to stand for Trust, Inspire, and Believe; our core business pillars that we wish to drive thoroughly throughout our work lives.

Neil Wolno, has also joined our growing team to assist us with financial structures, license management, and compliance entities that are imperative to establish upfront. Neil, coming from Bidvest Life and Bidvest Insurance, brings a wealth of leadership and business knowledge, and we are very lucky to have him in our group. 

TIB 2.0

We are very excited for the growth and innovation that the new chapter of TIB will bring. We want to thank our long-standing staff and clients that have supported us along this journey. We commit to serving clients and people responsibly and smartly – further establishing Trust, Inspiration and Belief in a very special TIB community.

TIB, originally a short-term insurance brokerage only, has added a Life and Investment division (TIB Wealth) to the client suite of service offering. TIB Wealth is headed up by Zac Dermick and Justin Evans, two highly client-centric, passionate financial advisers who are up to date with the latest trends and market research when it comes to life, risk, business planning, and investing. An insurance administration division is also newly established. This business unit aims to assist other brokerages in various administration and servicing solutions for short-term clients and policies.